Radiation Core Facility

Overview of Services

The Radiation Core is a new core facility with the mission to provide radiation support for various research applications. It will provide safe and effective radiation service using various irradiators that are dedicated for research studies. The core houses several irradiators for research applications, including three of Cs-137 based irradiator, one conventional x-ray based orthovoltage irradiator (X-rad-320, Precision X-ray Inc.), and one image-guided x-ray irradiator (SmART system, Precision X-ray, Inc.). They will be used to irradiate cells, tissue specimens, and animals including small rodents and as big as cats and rabbits. The core will also provide training, technical support, and research grant support regarding radiation usage in cancer research, immunological research, virus research, and more.

Services that we are providing:
- Gamma or X-ray radiation service on cells, specimens, and animals
- Training on radiation operation and radiation safety for research
- Staff support to conduct image-guided radiation in animals
- Technical support on radiation dosimetry and treatment planning

Equipment and Technology:
- Cs-137 Irradiator (Gammacell-40, Best Theratronics), Two of them available in the facility
- Cs-137 Irradiator (Mark II, JL Shepherd)
- Conventional X-ray Irradiator (X-Rad 320, Precision X-ray Inc.), Located in GMB
- Image-guided X-ray Irradiator (SmART+, Precision X-ray Inc.), Located in Marsico Hall


Hong Yuan Core Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


Staffed 9AM -5PM    

125 Mason Farm Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27599]

Links and Resources

  1. A scoping review of small animal image-guided radiotherapy research: Advances, impact and future opportunities in translational radiobiology
  2. Small Animal Image-guided Irradiator, SmART+
  3. University of California Replacement of Cesium Irradiators with Alternative Technologies


Name Role Phone Email Location
Hong Yuan
Core Director
(919) 843-3813