Pathology Services Core

Overview of Services

The Pathology Services Core provides high quality, comprehensive pathology services for pre-clinical and clinical studies. Services: Histopathology including routine frozen and paraffin slide preparation, Tissue MicroArrays, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization (ISH, FISH), digital pathology and digital spatial profiling (protein & RNA). The PSC has access to UNC-CH's tissue archive and faciliates and coordinates clinical studies. Equipment and Technology: GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (NanoString), Bond III & Rx Autostainers, Ventana Stainer, XL Autostainer, HYBrite Slide Stainer, Image Analysis with Aperio Toolbox/GENIE, Definiens Tissue Studio, and Visiopharm, Slide Scanning with a Versa 200, ScanScope AT2 and Scan Scope FL scanners, Tissue Arrayers and Embedding Stations, Microtomes, Cassette & Slide Labelers


Sara Wobker, MD, MPH Faculty Advisor-Clinical
Stephanie Montgomery, PhD, DVM Faculty Advisor-PreClinical

Location and hours of operation

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160 Medical Drive

9th Floor Brinkhous Bullit Building

Chapel Hill, NC, 27599

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Charlene Santos, MBA
Operations Management
LCCC 21-225
Nana Feinberg, PhD
Facility Director-Clinical, Digital Pathology
BB 919
Gaby De la Cruz
Facility Manager-PreClinical
BB 902