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Location of the CryoEM CoreMission Statement

Provide assistance in all aspects of high-resolution cryo-electron microscope.  To include specimen preparation, data collection, and image processing.  We provide training, technical advice, and consultations for users interested in learning cryoEM.

Overview of Services

Project planning and consultation for CryoEM


Training in all aspects of cryoEM

  • Theory and principles of cryoEM
  • Specimen preparation using Vitrobot Mark IV cryo-plunger
  • Operation of the Talos Arctica cryoTEM
  • Assistance in image analysis


CryoEM specimen preparation 

  • Preparation of cryo-grids using a FEI Vitrobot Mark IV
  • Clipping of cryo-grids
  • Longterm storage of cryo-grids



  • Single-particle cryoEM 
  • Cryo-electron tomography 
  • On-the-fly data processing 


Core Rates

1. CryoTEM Talos Arctica. Customer uses the microscope to image cryo grids, collect data, and or to teach individuals how to operate the microscope.

Internal Rate: $52 /Hour
External Nonprofit Rate: $112 /Hour
External Industry Rate: $162 /Hour

2. Vitrobot.  Customer uses the Vitrobot to prepare cryo-grids.

Internal Rate: $56 /Hour
External Nonprofit Rate: $131 /Hour
External Industry Rate: $190 /Hour

3. Labor. Core Staff assist customer by operating equipment to complete an experiment including but not limited to (1) making cryo-grids with the Vitrobot, (2) clipping grids, (3) operating the cryoTEM, (4) operate the Leica ACE600 Sputter, and (6) teach customers how to operate equipment.

Internal Rate: $68 /Hour
External Nonprofit Rate: $106 /Hour
External Industry Rate: $154 /Hour

3. Core Director Consultation. Core director assists customers to complete an experiment including but not limited to (1) analyze or interpret cryoTEM data, (2) project planning, and (3) provide consultation for cryoEM experiments.

Internal Rate: $96 /Hour
External Nonprofit Rate: $149 /Hour
External Industry Rate: $216 /Hour

4. Leica ACE600 Sputter. Customer uses the Leica ACE600 Sputter to complete an experiment. An experiment is defined as one coating of material onto a specimen, including carbon or gold.

Internal Rate: $28
External Nonprofit Rate: $43
External Industry Rate: $63

5. Cryospecimen storage. Annual fee for storing cryo-grids at the cryoEM Core Facility. Customers with multiple pucks are charged for each puck, except for customers that own their own set of pucks, they are charged for each rack of pucks they own at the core. 

Internal Rate: $231 annual
External Nonprofit Rate: $359 annual
External Industry Rate: $519 annual

Miscellaneous Items or Reagents
TEM Grids

Individuals are expected to use their own TEM grids for preparing cryo-grids.  The core has it’s own TEM grids that are used to prepare cryo-grids for customers or for internal projects.  Customers that use the Core’s grids are expected to ask the core director for permission ahead of time. TEM grids used for experiments will be included as an extra fee based on market price and subject to change.  Please contact the Core and ask about the availability of TEM grids.  A few examples of the grids we typically have are.

  • Quantofil R1.2/1.3 300 Au mesh: $10
  • Quantofil R1.2/1.3 300 Cu mesh: $8
  • UltrAufoil R1.2/1.3 300 Au mesh: $17
  • C-Flat R1.2/1.3 300 Cu mesh: $8
  • Lacey Formvar/Carbon 300 mesh copper: $3


CryoTEM Grid Boxes

The cryoEM core will provide customers with cryo-grids boxes if they are storing their samples at the core and have paid the annual cryo specimen storage fee.  Customers with their own set of pucks/racks are expected to purchase their own grid boxes.  Customers are expected to use their own grid boxes if they are storing there grids off-site.


Autoloader C-clips and C-rings

We charge per c-clip and c-ring.  The cost will vary depending on the source and market prices at the time.  Typically, we will use either Nanosoft (purchased from Tedpella) c-clips/rings that cost $10 each, or ThermoFisher Scientific c-clips/rings that cost $20.35. 


Clipping Fee.  Core Staff will clip grids for customers if requested.  Up to 12 grids can be clipped in one hour.  The customer will be billed as a Labor rate and for the cost of each c-clip/c-ring used.  Customers can clip their own grids, or request training. Customers that clip their own grids will be billed based on the number of c-clips and c-rings they used. 


Training.  Customers that would like to learn how to operate equipment can request one-on one training from a core staff and will be billed hourly rate for the equipment and labor.



Joshua Strauss, PhD | Associate Research Professor |


Location and Hours of Operation

Location Hours

101 Mason Farms Rd

Glaxo Research Building room 008

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Monday - Friday

9 am - 7 pm

Weekends and after hours are by appointment

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Joshua Strauss
Core Director
Glaxo Research Building room 008

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