Nanomedicines Characterization Core Facility (NCore)

The Nanomedicines Characterization Core Facility implements the CNDD mission of accelerating translation of new nanomedicines into clinic by providing comprehensive physicochemical characterization of nanoscale entities.

NCore is an open resource and functions on a fee for service basis. We welcome users from academia as well as from industry, government labs and other institutions to utilize our experience and our technological infrastructure. We offer:

Nanoparticles fabrication:

Exosomes isolation and characterization:

Analytical analysis:

  • Size, size distribution, concentration, surface chargeDynamic Light Scattering (DLS)Zetaview (ParticleMetrix).
  • Materials analysis (GPC): weight average molar mass (Mw), number average molar mass (Mn), polydispersity, structure: Infra-red (IR), Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).
  • Analytical capabilitiesHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV-Vis spectroscopy, UV-temperature correlation
  • Protein, peptides, RNA analysisCapillary electrophoresis (protein purity, isoelectric focusing, Glycan analysis, Plasmid/Nucleic Acid purity, heterogeneity and sizing analysis), Automated Western Blot Analysis (Protein Simple), Gel Imager.
  • ICP-MS Elemental analysis: metals analysis in soils, water, food, plants, cells, tissues by ICP-MS.
  • Lyophilization: Benchtop freeze-drying system (Labcono, FreeZone 2.5 Liter).

In Vitro Assays:

  • Protein concentration (BCA assay).
  • Endotoxin contamination (LAL assay).
  • In vitro stability analysis.
  • In vitro drug release analysis.
  • In vitro cellular uptake, transfection and toxicity analysis.

Data analysis and presentation:

  • We offer expert opinion related to study design, sample selection/collection and storage, proposal review and development, manuscript development and review.

NCore collaborates with other Cores on UNC campus (TEM, Proteomics, Flow Cytometry, NMR etc) to facilitate comprehensive analysis of the samples.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Marina Sokolsky Core Director (919) 962-4698 Marsico Hall, Office 2212
Alexander Kabanov Faculty Advisor & Director of CNDD (919) 962-1011 Marsico Hall, Office 2201

Hours of Operation & Location

Hours Location

Monday - Friday     

8 AM - 6 PM 

2210 Marsico Hall (second floor)

125 Mason Farm Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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NCore Email (Marina Sokolsky)
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(919) 962-4698
125 Mason Farm Road 2210 Marsico Hall Chapel Hill, NC 27599