NORC GEM Core: Nutrigenomics

Overview of Cores

The NORC Genomics and Energy Metabolism (GEM) Core, formerly known as the Precision Nutrition Core, is an all-encompassing support system for investigators conducting research on nutrigenetic and microbiome aspects of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

The goal for some obesity research is to identify genetic and environmental factors and interactions that affect an individual’s susceptibility and to identify high-utility targets for prevention and treatment. In the long run, investigators should be able to individualize or personalize diet and health recommendations based on the knowledge gained from prior research conducted on obesity. Thus, there is a great need for studies with strong translational potential.

GEM Core: Nutrigenomics offer nutrigenomics services here.

GEM Core: Microbiome services are offered through the UNC Microbiome Core Facility.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday     

8 AM  - 5 PM 

500 Laureate Way, Room 3150

Kannapolis, NC 28081

Links and Resources

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  2. UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center
  3. NORC Central


Name Role Phone Email Location
Saroja Voruganti, PhD
Director, Genomics and Energy Metabolism Core
UNC Nutrition Research Institute