Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core


Overview of Services

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core provides contemporary phenotyping techniques for metabolism and energy balance in mouse models of nutrition and disease.

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core offers technical support and expertise for measuring traits related to metabolism in mouse models of obesity and nutritionally relevant disease. With locations in Chapel Hill and Kannapolis, the Core provides access to state-of-the-art methods, equipment, and populations to support high quality and high throughput phenotyping of energy balance components in mice.


NOTE: The Kerr Facility EchoMRI is currently under repair.


Our productivity and effectiveness as a Center is measured in part by the citation of our grant in your published work. Please acknowledge National Institutes of Health grant DK056350 in all publications resulting from the use of our services.


S. Raza Shaikh, PhD
Director - Chapel Hill
phone: (919) 843-4348

Stephen D. Hursting, PhD, MPH
Director - Kannapolis
phone: (919) 966-7346


Rosalind Coleman, MD
Co-Director - Chapel Hill
phone: (919) 966-7213


Location and hours of operation

Hours Locations


8 AM - 5 PM 



Monday - Friday 


Core Manager Office
500 Laureate Way

Room 3303
Kannapolis, NC, 28081

  Core Manager Office
135 Dauer Dr
Michael Hooker Research
Chapel Hill, NC, 27599

120 Mason Farm Road

Genetic Medicine Building
Room UB 54, UB 55
Chapel Hill, NC, 27599

301 Pharmacy Lane

Kerr B244
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Links and Resources

  1. The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core Website 
  2. UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center
  3. NORC Central


Name Role Phone Email Location
S. Raza Shaikh, PhD
Director - Chapel Hill
(919) 843-4348
Chapel Hill, NC
Stephen D. Hursting, PhD, MPH
Director - Kannapollis
(919) 966-7346
Kannapolis, NC
Liz Breitwise
NORC Managing Director/Administrator
(704) 250-5020
Kannapolis, NC
Traci Davis, MS
Research Specialist - Chapel Hill
(919) 843-5145
Chapel Hill, NC
Jody Albright
Research Technician - Kannapolis
(704) 250-5049
Kannapolis, NC
Melissa VerHague, PhD
Research Associate - Kannapolis
(704) 250-5049
Kannapolis, NC

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