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UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Facility Website

  • We are located in the Basement level of Marsico Hall (125 Mason Farm Rd.)
  • Find us on Twitter: @UNC_Flow


7/1/21 UPDATE: The Flow Core is open. The Marsico Hall basement and Flow Core doors remain locked, please be sure to bring your badge. If you need badge access, contact staff. By using the Core, investigators agree to abide by the safety protocols outlined in the Reopening SOP. Safety has always been the Core’s priority. For more information, see page.  
Send scheduling requests to

FLOWJO PORTAL is available!!

  • We are transitioning FlowJo licenses from Hardware to login-based registrations. New licenses will be added to the Portal.

iLab Kiosk is coming!!

  • Soon we will be instituting a new kiosk sign in to activate your analyzer time, as iLab is discontinuing our java-based usage tracker. We will hold training sessions as the date draws near. 


Getting Started with iLab 

  • If you already have an account, log in (upper right corner) and go to the Request Services or Schedule Equipment tabs.

  • For issues and questions about managing iLab research groups and chartfield string entry and management please contact the SOM Business Office



Ramiro Diz, Ph.D. | Director


Location and Hours of Operation 



UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Marsico Hall Basement

125 Mason Farm rd

Lab Phone:  919-966-1530

9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday to Friday  

24-hour access for approved, trained users. 




Name Role Phone Email Location
Ramiro Diz
B025 Marsico Hall
Janet Dow
Research Specialist
B023 Marsico Hall
Ayrianna Woody
Research Specialist
B023 Marsico Hall
Avinash Kollipara
Research Assistant Professor
B023 Marsico Hall